martes, 1 de enero de 2008

Primary emphasis on the promotion of lakes and lagoons in Ucayali, Peru

The Ucayali’s Regional Government will place special emphasis on the promotion and conservation of the ecological system of lakes and cochas (lagoons) located in the region and that are to be declared reserved areas for tourism.

The regional government of Ucayali also undertook the execution of strategic alliances between the private and public sectors, in order to protect the environment and ecology of the area.
This measure was published in Peru's official gazette "El Peruano" as a consequence of the assessment report on environmental impact that showed the level of pollution in Ucayali’s lakes and lagoons.

Among the activities to be developed in the region, Tourism is considered the main tool for the promotion of Ucayali's economy.
“Our region counts with the necessary tourist infrastructure, experience and technology to develop all activities related to this sector, but we need essential tools to complete these projects successfully.

Finally, he emphasized Peru's international commitment on environment, tourism and sustainable development.Pucallpa, whose name means “red land” in Quechua, is the capital of Ucayali and one of the most progressive cities in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest whose inhabitants make a living from logging and agriculture. The Panos people initially inhabited the department. The Ucayali River is one of the most important highways in the central jungle.

Lake Yarinacocha, one of the largest in the Amazon rainforest, is just a few minutes away from Pucallpa, and the Shipibo-Conibo people have settled along its shores. The place is perfect for rest and relaxation in the many tourist lodges and for enjoying water sports such as water skiing, rowing and fishing.

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