viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

Peru's Pisco stands out in International Gastronomy Summit in Spain

Pisco, as a denomination of origin exclusively from Peru, stands out in the IV Madrid Fusion - International Gastronomic Summit, stated renown Peruvian chef Johnny Schuler who takes part in the Peruvian delegation sent to this event.

Schuler, founder and chairman of the Brotherhood of Pisco Tasters, is in charge to present our national drink to European visitors attending the Summit.

Schuler also offers visitors to the Peruvian stand pisco tasting and demonstrations on the unique qualities of our national brandy.

Other prestigious Peruvian chefs preparing the most famous dishes of the Peruvian cuisine during Madrid’s Gastronomy Summit are Javier Wong and Ivan Kisic.

Javier Wong delights palates with new combinations and transformations of the classic Peruvian ceviche. While, Ivan Kisic, prepares cutting-edge potato dishes, employing sophisticated techniques and innovative presentations.

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